What We Do

We work with entrepreneurs, startups or scale ups to help do

  • Prototype Design
  • Launchpad Development
  • Growth Support
Bring your ideas to life quickly with our cost-effective prototype design service; we’ll turn your business requirements into navigable and functional yet beautiful designs in no time.

How We Work

  • Lean Focus Teams

    Each JLabs team has a lead developer, full stack developer and a designer who works collectively with a project manager to constantly collaborate with you, to serve a sole purpose of discovering business requirements and turn it into software requirements and designs, to be used in building the product.
  • Resource Efficient

    In development you have resources that you need in day-to-day basis and resources that can be on as needed basis. That's what we provide you so you can pay for a fraction of a cost compared to hiring an in-house dev team.
  • Agile, Timely, Top-Notch

    We know that our clients are time-bound, so we leverage our pre-built processes and extensive technical expertise that makes our development faster and timely without sacrificing quality.
  • Adaptable

    We also understand that most of our clients ideas and requirements--changes rapidly. Thus, we won't spend a week producing a spec that will be abandoned after a few days. We ensure to iterate fast, so we can scrap, spec out, design and develop--rinse and repeat.

What We Use

We only use a specific set of technologies, because we aim for mastery to provide the highest quality with a quick turnaround time.

React & React Native

Node JS




Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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We turn your goals and ideas into reality.