JLabs' Exhibition at the 13th PHILSME Aims to Help More Homegrown Tech Startups

JLabs' Exhibition at the 13th PHILSME Aims to Help More Homegrown Tech Startups
We proudly disclose our participation in the 13th Philippine SME Business Expo (PHILSME) held at SMX Convention Center Manila, Pasay City. It's a 2-day event that started yesterday and continues until today. Many businesses highly anticipated the said event, given that it aims to help business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs showcase their products and services to thousands of attendees.
At the exhibit, one will have the opportunity to witness a diverse array of businesses spanning various industries including food, transportation, technology, finance, and more. Some of the business stalls you may visit include Gcash, Maybank, RedDoorz, and J&T Express.
Yesterday, we had the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge products and services to the attendees. Today, as the 13th PHILSME comes to a close, we promise to have an even greater display of valuable knowledge.

Addressing SME and Startup Challenges

We, JLabs, are a tech solutions company naturally known for aiding in the technological needs of startups and entrepreneurs. With the growing number of SMEs and startups facing complex challenges, we aim to provide more technological solutions specifically tailored for these groups. This is primarily our reason behind joining the expo—to be among those who support co-startups.
Though our current products and services may not address all the problems startups have, one should be aware of the common SME and startup challenges:
  1. Heavy competition: It's a lot more difficult for SMEs and startups to climb their way to the top because of fierce competition. Many can easily be shut down by large companies that have already established their brands and have access to greater resources.
  2. Skills shortage: Nowadays, looking for competent and tech-savvy workers can be a bit difficult, specifically because it's also harder to compete with large businesses in this aspect. Many companies depend on technology for growth, so being unable to acquire an asset with an impressive technological background may put you at a disadvantage.

    However, this is where we step in. Our business recognizes that several businesses seek tech guidance, which is why we provide services like web development to help them establish their online presence and many more.

  3. Lack of experience: This is one of the pressing issues of every businessman that tries to launch their own business. Many approach it without having proper knowledge and experience in the business realm, making them more susceptible to failure early on. It includes everything from marketing to financial management and product development.

    Yet again, we understand that this is one of the problems experienced by startups and SMEs. Hence, we offer a comprehensive system for helping them with product development. The initial phase begins with prototype design, followed by end-to-end development, and ends with growth support. If you want to know more about how it works, it's explained in detail on JLabs' landing page.

  4. Rapid Tech Advancements: Given that technology is predisposed to change, many businesses have had difficulty adapting to new trends and innovations. This could be due to having only limited financial resources, skills, knowledge, and more.

    With our team's assistance, this problem could be resolved as we guide SMEs and startups in keeping up with recent tech trends, such as AI and Blockchain.


JLabs' Uniqueness in the Tech Aspect

Given the aforementioned details, you may already have had a grasp of what we do. Yet if you want to know more about what we can offer and how we help other businesses with their growth, below is a brief list of our unique characteristics, products, and services.
  • 3-Phase Product Development: Our business particularly offers this to businesses struggling in the product development phase. Partly, one could say that this is an all-encompassing service, as it covers everything from prototype design up to product launch and maintenance. To put it clearly, it begins with prototype design, moves into launching the minimum viable product (MVP), and works on supporting your company's growth.

    The last phase is basically where all the "markethings" happen, such as looking at customer feedback and doing the necessary adjustments based on it. While most businesses have to pay big for this service, we offer this in the product development package at a cheaper cost.

  • Lean Focus Teams: When doing work for a client, everything's always handled in teams, with members showcasing expertise in different fields. Usually, it comprises a Project Manager, a Full-Stack Developer, and a UI/UX Designer. This strategy works well, especially in producing quality and efficient output.
  • Resource Efficiency: This simply implies that you can get your hands on cost-effective services by paying only for the resources on an as-needed basis. Typically, you will have to completely pay for the in-house development team, which is way more expensive than what our business offers.


What's Next for JLabs?

The 13th PHILSME is just one of the many avenues we aim to take part in introducing our services to many businesses. As early as now, we express our dedication and commitment to continue helping more startups, SMEs, and other entrepreneurs meet their technological needs.
Starting a business, especially a startup, entails overcoming various hurdles and challenges. We understand this well as we've gone through the same trial and error process when growing our own business. Given that, we highly encourage entrepreneurs and startups to embrace the trial-and-error process and continue until their desired level of improvement is achieved.
Once you're there, the next thing will be to start planning for attaining bigger things—again. Every business should move progressively and that's why for us, the next objective is to expand our reach locally. This is still aligned with our goal of helping SMEs and startups, the only difference is that we're now aiming to reach a wider audience locally.

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