An on-demand motorcyle taxi app with a revolutionary and innovative approach on improving transportation and helping fellow Filipino commuters.

4 months
MVP & Website Development

Inefficient and unreliable traditional transportation options in the Philippines causing difficulties for commuters.


Makes the commuting convenient and efficient by allowing commuters to quickly and easily book a motorcycle taxi through its mobile app, powered by GPS technology.

Key Features
  • Finding Nearby Drivers Algorithm
  • Location-Based Features with Google Maps Integration
  • Search Places Detection
  • Real-Time Messaging with Push Notifications
  • SMS Integration
Raed Encanto - CEO
Raed Encanto - CEO

“Let me congratulate all of you. No words can express how I thank you guys. Your work is an art. Excellent job, you put your passion and your heart in this project. I asked my self, is this really a Filipino-made app? Again, congratulations and thank you so much JLabs team.”


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